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Semen Options:

Fresh cooled

R F F Abracadabra is a cremello Jockey Club stallion, 16.2 hands. "Magic" has a wonderful temperament, very calm and his offspring so far have inherited that temperament, even from mares with a greater than 6 hotness score. Magic is 16.2 on the stick barefoot. He has a spectacular jump and is bold to the jumps. He has evented once before he was taken out of training. He competed in one USEF rated show and placed 3rd in open jumping at 2.9. From a mare other than grey, Magic can only produce a palomino or buckskin (if the mare passes her black factor). He cannot produce a smokey of any sort. His color markers are ee (homo for red - no black factor), AA (homo for the Agouti factor which confines any expression of black to the mane, tail and legs) and Cr/Cr - homozygous for cream.

If the mare has no black on her the foal is guaranteed to be Palomino. If the mare has one black factor (such as a bay or black) the foal will have a 50-50 chance of being buckskin, the other being palomino.

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