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1. The inspection of mares is conducted by at least one member of the Inspection Committee.


2. The minimum age of a mare for inspection is three years.


3. The mare inspection decides about the use of a mare as part of the Association’s breeding program and in which section of the Stud Books the mare will be registered or recorded. 


The decision includes the evaluation of the conformation, movement and aptitude for performance.


4. The mare inspections take place at regional locations in North America, which are determined by the Board. The dates and locations are officially announced in the publications of the Association.


5. The result of the mare inspection must be announced publicly.


  1. A mare may be re-inspected without objection at the earliest after one year. The last result is final.


Mares may be registered in the Mare Book after their death, if they fulfill all other registration requirements. 


The same applies to mares who are unable to participate in an inspection due to injuries. These mares may be registered in the division of the Stud Book they were eligible for if they had been inspected

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