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The Trakehner Association of North America (TANA)'s mission is to record and preserve horses of Trakehner origin in North America and promote the breed across the globe, while maintaining the quality through inspections, education, selective breeding and competition in the Olympic disciplines.


The Trakehner embodies the noblest German riding horse breed with an elegant appearance that is harmonious.  The Trakehner type is evident in a chiseled, expressive head, a large eye and well-shaped neck, sculpted muscles and correct, clearly defined legs. Good character, steady temperament, intelligence, willingness to perform, as well as endurance and toughness in performance are especially striking characteristics of this breed.  Trakehners excel in the Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, and Driving. 


Trakehners are a large-bodied with a harmonious physique which enables the horse to perform in athletic activities.  They have medium-length neck tapering toward the head, good throatlatch freedom, a large, sloping shoulder, distinct withers that extend far into the back, a functional back that meets the requirements of an athletic sport horse and combines movement, impulsion, carrying ability and balance; a long, slightly sloping, powerfully muscled croup and harmonious proportions of forehand, midsection and hindquarters.


This breed has active, cadenced and ground covering gaits. The movements are elastic and energetic from the hindquarters developed over the supple swinging back to a forehand that reaches out freely from the shoulder.  Movement at the walk is supple, energetic and elevated with clear steps. Movement at the trot and canter include a clearly noticeable phase of suspension, be elastic, full of impulsion and light-footed, carried with natural elevation and balance.

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