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Stallion Approval Comments: "A balanced and harmonious colt. Very attractive in appearance. Good Trakehner type and stallion expression. Proper and correct neck set. The neck is set upon his shoulder which is on the horse at a good angle, attached high into the chest, and attached well at the withers. Uses his back well. Reaches well under his center of gravity and elevated the front end. Good length of hip. Good feet. Has an elastic and swinging gait. Good jumping technique, went round, relaxed, and quiet. A colt with a nice quiet temperament." Lars Gehrmann (Breeding Director of the Trakehner Verband): "This large-framed Classical Trakehner type impresses by his significant appearance and his pleasing demeanor... he moves with elasticity, cadence and good balance in all three basic paces. Exemplary in character and alertness which was also clearly demonstrated during his free-jumping." Tradition competed successfully at Intermediate Level eventing before he retired to stand at stud. He has sired two approved stallions, Cardinali and Zaubermann. His foals are equally talented in dressage and jumping with exceptional temperaments.


Carol Poulin-Taylor

207 353 8587





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