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Sir Gluckskeks is a blue roan Trakehner stallion, that also carries splash (one of only a handful true roans left in the breed and only one with splash). Approved AES and will be presented to others this year. His foals are eligible for TANA and others. The sire, Gorbatschow, literally calls attention to the Who’s Who of Trakehner jumper breeding! In the first 4 generations already, there are 5 Elite Stallions: Hirtentanz, Axis, Sixtus, Kostolany and Enrico Caruso. Moreover, the mares Amazing, Herzlani and Herzchen all have received multiple triple premiums! Gorbatschow himself is the product of well-thought-out line breeding to E.H. Sixtus. Unfortunately, he had only 2 years of breeding, so that Sir Glȕckskeks (translated that means “Lucky Cookie”) is his only approved son. Gorbatschow’s sire, E.H. Abendtanz, was bred by the Wahlers and was Trakehner Jumper Champion who, as a 6-year-old, qualified for the National Jumper Championships and placed high up to the top national level. From a breeder’s point of view, Abendtanz calls attention to himself by having produced several approved sons. In addition to Gorbatschow, there are Lebenstraum, Donauabend and Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF. The latter, under Sophie Leube, recently became Young Event Horse World Champion at Le Lion d’Angers and confirms the multifaceted power of Abendtanz’s genes. His Grand sire Hirtentanz, another Elite Stallion with a superb performance record in sport and breeding, Trakehner Jumper Champion, victorious up to the S level, with get that are successful in jumping and dressage up to the top national level as well as in international eventing; 27 premium daughters, and 7 approved sons. It is justified that, in addition to his Elite title, he is also the only Trakehner in 40 years who was permitted to breed in Holstein, Germany’s top area for jumpers. The performance success of E.H. Hirtentanz results from the mating of E.H. Axis (successful up to the European Championships in Rotterdam) with Premium, State’s Premium and Elite Mare Herzlani, dam of two approved stallions, who is by E.H. Kostolany and out of Premium, State’s Premium and Elite Mare Herzchen. In addition to this consolidated performance pedigree, offspring of the Herzchen family, which is cared for by the von Schὃnings, these horses are also noted for their color. They often carry the splash gene. E.H. Kostolany also appears as the sire of Abendtanz’s dam, Premium, State’s Premium and Elite Mare Amazing TSF to whom he also passed his competition-favoring genes. Very unusual for Trakehner mares, she was awarded an above-average mare performance test score of 8.7 and was successful herself in jumping up to the M level. Gorbatschow’s dam, Galena, continues the consolidation for performance. Again, her sire, E.H. Sixtus, is a legend progenitor. Outstanding children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in dressage up to Prix St. Georges, in jumping up to the 1-star level, in eventing up to CCI**, with his own performance as a jumper up to the top national level, speak a clear language. Sixtus who, by the way, received his name because he was the sixth foal of Stradelle by Ibikus, as a son of Habicht also carries the blood of the legendary Burnus AA. More noble blood comes from the mare line.of Goldfee whos, via Testarossa, carries the blood of the popular Pasteur xx, who was also active for the Hoogen family and produced three approved sons, internationally or upper-level successful get in all three disciplines as well as six mares in the Performance Stud Book. His dam, Salome, brings the color as she carries the black gene as well as the coveted roan gene which is used in the Trakehner breed only within very strict limits, so that Sir Glȕckskeks so far has been her only male foal in the roan color. Salome herself is by the black Trakehner stallion Sanssouci who, as a foal, was champion of the foal championships in Hagen. He continued his series of successes and at his approval inspection, he won the special prize for getting the highest mark in free-jumping. At his stallion performance test as well, he exceeded what was expected of him: only 3 years old, he was brilliant in his top marks. His character and willingness to perform both were awarded the top mark of 10 while his temperament and physique received a 9.0. A jumping index of 106.8 and simultaneously a dressage index of 111.7 put him into the top third of all competitors and very clearly shows his dual talents. Accordingly, Sanssouci has get with great successes in all 3 disciplines: In jumping even up to the 4-star level, in dressage up to one-star and in eventing up to 2 stars, which makes him a popular sire in the Trakehner breed as well as in the regional horse breeds. In addition, by way of Kostolany, who is known all over the world, Sanssouci is a half-brother to, among others, Gribaldi who, in turn, produced the century stallion Totilas. Sanssouci’s dam side also evidences performance genes: The Elite Mare Schwalbenburg belongs to the Schwarze Schwalbe family and, as a tested mare in the breed, produced, among others, 4 approved stallions, several approved grandsons, a mare performance test champion, a reserve champion in the Federal Mare Show, foals that were successful in competitions up to Grand Prix as well as Elite Mares. On Salome’s dam side is her dam Syleika who deserves mention. She was the one who provided he roan gene. Syleika was used often as a broodmare in the Trakehner breed, but, unfortunately, only very few of her roan foals remained in Germany. Some of her foals continue the roan gene in other countries, e.g. England. Syleika is by the black Polish Trakehner stallion Patron who was bred by the State Stud Kadyny and, for the rest of breeding life, was stationed with the Hoogen family. Patron, measuring 1.71 m, carries blood on both sides that goes directly to the Main Stud Trakehnen. He produced approval champions and sport horses for all disciplines. Syleika’s damsire, Insterfeuer, is probably the best-known carrier of the roan gene after World War II; almost all still living carriers of the roan gene within and outside of Germany go back to his genetics. Insterfeuer was inbred to Hansakapitän (who, through his daughter produced an independent family in the Trakehner breed) as well as Dampfross (one of the 4 most important chief sires of the Main Stud Trakehnen) and was approved not only for the Trakehner breed but also for the Dutch Warmbloods (KWPN). He was also stationed with the Hoogen family before he changed to the Netherlands and from there to Austria. Used only infrequently in competition, Insterfeuer’s progeny were successful: In spite of a rather short and interrupted use in Germany, he produced one approved stallion, 2 mares in the Performance Stud Book as well as sport horses up to eventing 2-star level.


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