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DOB: 06/18/1987 Height: 15.3 159 cm Bone: 8.3 cm Owner: Monika & H. Gunther Lussberger Frozen semen Agent: Judy Yancey Licensed for : Trakehner Verband, ZSAA, VZAP, NASS, ZfdP, Baden-Württember and TANA Neddor is a large framed Shagya with much power and was awarded best blood horse of his 70 day testing at HLP Marbach, Germany in 1993, receiving “10” for character and temperament, a very good jumper, cross country and dressage stallion in Germany he is available to North American breeder via proven frozen semen. ​ Neddor is a representative of the Gazal Line. He has two Jussuf V II in the pedigree and is one of the few stallions with out-cross blood on the dam line, He is a powerful stallion that combines rideability, toughness, beauty and a first-class character. If you would like to add the best Shagya blood combined with power, bone, type and frame, then Neddor is your first choice.


Agent Judy Yancey

800 867 7021



15.3 hh



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