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Hadrian by Beaute/ Helena *E* Height: 17.2 Donated by Danette Ball one dose of frozen Email: Phone: 604-341-1445 Website: Hadrian is a proven producer of top Sport Horses for many years. His offspring are proven in sport and conformation line classes. His impeccable bloodlines boast the likes of Totilas, Humboldt, Handfeste. His relatives’ history includes the elite. The Trakehner Hefte says of Hadrian… "Appearing very strong and compact. In his foundation he fulfills the highest expectations for a breeding stallion and exhibits much cadence in his way of going …" Hadrian is awarded and truly deserves a 10 for temperament and character. A stallion of caliber, Hadrian combines his truly regal bloodlines along with size, substance, elegance, and correct conformation to produce horses of outstanding character, talent, and athleticism. He is a very trainable and outgoing stallion that is extremely balanced with free moving gaits and excellent jumping ability. His heritage and genetic prepotency come shining through in his ability to produce very consistent high quality foals with sound, quiet minds. Hadrian’s offspring are valued by their owners and well known for possessing wonderful temperaments and exceptional trainability. Hadrian absolutely stamps his foals with his temperament and lots of chrome! Hadrian’s get are excelling in the dressage arena, the hunter/jumper ring, at 3-day events, as well as on the line. Hadrian comes from champion performance lines, and this continually shines through in his offspring.


Danette Ball

604 341 1445



17.2 hh



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