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Capt Morgan was approved as a Premium stallion. He is a masculine, expressive, noble stallion that possesses very good Trakehner type. Presented at less than 2½ years of age, he was mature for his age, showing good musculature and overall development. He has a substantial rectangular frame with a long and strong hip. He could show a bit more depth at the loin and his back is a tiny bit soft. His foundation has a great deal of bone and large joints proportional to his size. His movements are all elastic with good suspension and good engagement of the hindquarters. His walk showed a 4-beat rhythm and good overstride. He has a very good trot with plenty of self-carriage, good use of joints and covers a great deal of ground in this gait. His canter was relaxed and fluid and showed good changes in both directions. He is a good jumper, clearing the fences in a confident fashion. He also displayed willingness with no hesitation over the obstacles. ​ Capt Morgan was imported to the United States as a yearling. Capt Morgan is a son of E.H. Imperio, the international Grand Prix dressage horse ridden by Hubertus Schmidt. His female family traces to the mare Corry (T14L2) whose dam Corrida came from the Main Stud Trakehnen. He is inbred 4x4 to the mare Pr.St.& E.St. Cornau and is 25% Thoroughbred through the 4th generation. This family has produced a large number of breeding and performance sport horses in the Trakehner breed, including E.H. Connery and Consul to name a couple. ​ Capt Morgan should give increased size to his offspring as well as impart good movement and Trakehner type. The horse also shows a great deal of potential as a competition dressage horse. He should be a good mate for almost every Trakehner mare. ​


Robin Koenig

540 687 8434



16.3 hh



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