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COLOR:  Palomino

HEIGHT:  16.2 hh, 168 cm

FOALED:  2014

Donated by Angela Westphal

2 doses of frozen expected to arrive by 14 April 2022


RHF Nugget xx 


168 cm 16.2 hands 

Approved for ZSAA, Czech Republic Trakehner association & TANA 

Donated by Angela Westphal 

2 doses of frozen expected to arrive by 14 April 2022.


RHF Nugget xx is currently the only palomino Thoroughbred to have passed a European 50-day stallion test with an excellent jumping score of 8.18.  Other marks included character and willingness to perform 9.7, jumping ability 8.5, jumping technique 8.5 and guest rider score of 8.25. These scores are good enough that his foals can be accepted into most major warmblood associations.  


Nugget xx loves to jump and never refuses an obstacle.  He has excellent style and technique with a calm jumping demeanor.  


With his excellent riding horse qualities, good gaits, very good jumping ability and his color genetics he is a unique choice for the serious breeder. A mare bred to Nugget xx will have a 50% chance of the foal being palomino or buckskin making him quite a rarity considering very good testing scores and color. Along with the color and testing Nugget xx also descends from some good racing lines in the third and fourth generation earning up to $21,267,000. 


If you would love to add some blood and color with the uniqueness of having completed a very successful 50 TT look seriously at breeding your mares to RHF Nugget xx

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