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COLOR:  Dark bay

HEIGHT:  16.1 hh

FOALED:  1999

Donated by Anna Miles

Agent:  Joe Pimentel

(850) 769-8000 farm 

(850) 819-5000 cell

Aqua Farms Sporthorses

Frozen:  One dose


Ichi-Ban by Polarpunkt/ Indianna III/ E.H. Consul

Dark bay 16.1 


Donated one dose by Anna Miles

Agent: Joe Pimentel


Ichi-Ban by  Polarpunkt and one of the most respected and proven mare families in Germany, bred by one of the most successful and respected breeder of Trakehner horses, Hans-Joachiim Scharfetter, from a branch of the famous Italia O 15 A dam line, from this direct family come some of the most beautiful and successful Trakehners in the last decades, such as Neumunster champion and Grand Prix horse In Flagrantly (Buddenbrock), approved stallion In Petto (Buddenbrock), Neumunster champion mare In Zukunft(Buddenbrock), state and Verband premium In Farbe(Buddenbrock) and the young stallion In Step. The second dam also produced the Grand Prix stallion Inspekteur (Mahagoni) and Incognito(Consul) full brother to Ich-Ban’s Premium dam Indianna III. Ichi-Ban is a refining stallion of the highest quality, 


Comments from Verband breed director Lars Gehrmann note very noble Polarpunkt son from an exceptionally well proven dam line, a stallion with an expressive face with clear Trakehner type and a clear separation of forehand, mid-section and hind quarters, his movement is secure in his walk, trot and canter with clear uphill tendencies, the young stallion is extremely reliable in his temperament. Ichi-Ban has produced foals with desirable uphill movements good over stride, excellent rhythm, and powerful trots. 


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