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Please read these important rules for this Stallion Service Auction.  Submitting a bid indicates acceptance of the foregoing statements.  CAREFULLY read the terms before you bid.  If you have the winning bid, you are obligated to pay.  There will be no exceptions!

TANA is presenting some exquisite stallions to encourage Trakehner breeders to acquire the foal of their dreams by offering a Stallion Service Auction (SSA).  


The Annual Stallion Service Auction runs February 4th through February 17th at 10:00 PM CST and will be held over the internet with all bidding done via email to  


Our primary goal is to assist our breeders in producing more Trakehner foals of the highest quality by offering some outstanding stallions.  You may be able to acquire a breeding to the stallion of your choice at a discount. 


Please read these important rules for this SSA, submitting a bid indicates acceptance of the foregoing statements.  Please carefully read the terms before you bid.  If you have the winning bid you are obligated to pay with no exceptions!


•  The bid only includes the stallion service.  Frozen is one dose unless otherwise stated.


•  TANA provides complete contact information for the stud farm manager/owner.  Please contact that individual directly for any additional details on the stallion and a breeding contract. 


•  The winning bidder is responsible for contacting the stallion owner about additional fees prior to bidding. 


•  Collection and shipping costs are the responsibility of the winning bidder as per the stallion agent/owner’s contract.  These fees can cost on an average $200-$350 plus shipping and container return costs for fresh cooled.  There may possibly be a container deposit


•  All stallions but one are available via shipped fresh cooled and/or frozen semen.  Please check with the stallion owner.  A few offer live cover may incur charges for mare care, so be sure to confirm this with the stallion owner.   


•  Winning bidders will be notified via email within a few days and PayPal invoices will be sent, however you may pay by check.


•  In case of a tie bid, the first bid received via email will be the winning bid.


•  if you intend to mail a check and confirm that it was mailed.  Checks should be received within a week of the winning notification.


•  Stallion owners/agents will be notified of the winning bidder after payment is received.



Live foal guarantee via fresh cooled will vary by the stallion owner’s contract.  Stallions being offered by frozen semen in this auction do NOT include a live foal guarantee.  Some of our stallions have a show schedule, so please check to see the availability of fresh cooled semen and the ship dates.   Quite a few stud farms only collect and ship certain days.  Good communication with the stud farm manager is paramount for a successful pregnancy.

 The minimum bid for all stallions is $500.00.


Maximum bids:  If you wish, also include the maximum you are willing to pay for that stallion.  If there are other bids higher than your lowest bid, increments of $50 will be added for you.  So you will only pay $50 over the highest bid up until your maximum is reached. 

•  All bids mush be in $50 increments.

•  Stallion services offered by fresh cooled semen in this auction are intended for the 2024 breeding season.  Any other arrangements must be agreed upon by the winning bidder and the stallion owner/agent.

•  A bidder may bid on any number of stallion services, however bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn.  Placing a bid constitutes a legal contract between the bidder and TANA. 

•  We recommend that you have your vet check your mare’s breeding soundness since this will increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.  

•  If your maximum is reached up until the last two hours of bidding, you will be notified via brief email.  You can then submit a higher bid if you wish. However during the last two hours we will not be able to notify you. NOTE if there is a stallion you must have, then remember you will only pay $50 over the current highest bid.

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