We are very excited to be offering our members the

TANA Trakehner's Invitational Breeder's Symposium

Inspection for Stallions,  Mares and Young Stock ,  Jumper clinic and "The Great Get Together!"

Dates:  September 3-6, 2020

Venue: Best Western Plus Dutch Haus Inn & Suites

150 E. State Route 14 . Columbiana, OH  44408 

Event Chair: Laura Kosiorek-Smith 

Schedule of events

September  3-4      Jumper Clinic

September  5-6  Stallion, Mare & Young Stock Inspections

September  5-6  Breeder Symposium



What the Trakehner breed needs genetically in the next 20 years  (3 generations).


How and why?

Discussion of Thoroughbreds, Arabians and

Shagya Arabians. 



Expert presentation on using frozen semen and fresh semen.  Synchronized estrus.  Deep horn insemination.  Ultrasound and drugs used to manage mare estrus etc.



Producing more foals and marketing the breed. 


Developing cooperation and communication with mare owning customers.  Contracts, lead times, shipping methods, collection, extenders. Panel made up of seasoned stallion owners, who collect stallions themselves and can share what they have learned over the years including stallion behavior, training the stallion to collect, tips and techniques.  They inseminate their own mares as well and can share their individual education journey.

The Great Get Together for Trakehner

friends and fans and moving forward!

September 4th Barbeque

Hosted by Pure Gold

September 5th

Group Dinner

The TANA Invitational 2020 is for TANA members and invited guests only.

Watch this site for more updates and registration information.

Email:  TanaTrakehners@gmail.com 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puregoldstables/

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