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Breeder: Alan Nissen, DK Skals 
Owner: Trakehner Gestüt Gut Staffelde 
Race: Trakehner 
Colour: Black 
Size: 172 
Year of birth: 2013 

Helium turned out to be one of the most constant sons of the Millennium, not only among the Trakehners, but also among the other warm-blooded breeds. 

Already at the licensing, Helium attracted attention with his feather-light movements, his secure, regulated stride and his extremely balanced uphill canter. Above all Helium inherits Millennium’s impressive trot.  He was awarded Premium Stallion at his licensing.  

After he was able to produce the champion stallion Ferrari Forever out of the mare Forever von Montafon from his first foal crop in 2019, he achieved a double in 2020 in Neumünster: The champion stallion 2020 Rheinglanz out of Rheinhilde by Couracius and the annual winner mare 2020 Helene out of the Heswig von Kaiserdom are his Children! 
The pure-bred black Helium celebrated a brilliant start in his sire career from the very beginning with his first foals.  Helium not only presented various winning foals on the arenas (including Klosterhof Medingen, Hörstein, Lower Saxony, Baden Württemberg, foal championships in Graditz) and auction peaks (Hanover national tournament, Neumünster stallion market, Medingen monastery).



Agent Carol Austin


509 838 9922


172 cm


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