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Fandango was sired by top sire E.H. Sixtus and from the elite dam Flotte ll. He was approved in 2002 in Neumunster and purchased by Sherry Torino, he soon started his performance in eventing and some dressage. It was evident from his first foal crop that Fandango would be an exceptional sire, but because of competition and his early deaths not a large number of offspring were born, the offspring that were produced were all of very good quality including the mare Alyce TF *M*Pr*Pb* who to this day had the highest scoring MPT ( mare performance test) of any Trakehner mare in North America. Fandango’s dam Flotte ll has produced some excellent performance offspring including the gelding Fafner/ Argument successfully competed at Grand Prix dressage and the gelding Ferial/ Guy Larouche and Flagstaff/ Caprimond both successful at M level dressage. Fandango is from the mother family of the legend stallion Flanuer. Fandango’s successful offspring give him one of the best percentages in the breed in the US.

Inspection comments: Resembling his grandsire Habicht in type, this son of Sixtus presents himself with confidence, power and masculinity in every phase of appearance. He has a remarkably correct foundation. His athletic way of going is characterized by remarkable knee action and energetic stride-out. (Lars Gehrmann).

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