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The Elite Tambour is one of the best sons of E.H. Hohenstein, he competed in both dressage and jumping successfully, and is from a tremendous dam line, Tambour has produced premium, elite and TSF daughters and sons, including the Elite stallion and Neumunster champion stallion E.H. Herzensdieb and Herzog TSF who won his 70 day test and competed very successfully in Eventing. E.H. Tambour’s dam Tanzerin has in addition to Tambour has also produced the approved son Travell/Abisko and Thalys/ Hohenstein in addition Tanzerin is a maternal sister to three Elite stallions, E.H. Tenor/ Tuemmler, E.H. Tiviano/ Tuemmler and the international Grand Prix stallion E.H. Tuareg/Radom. E.H. Tambour’s 2 dam is also the mother of two two approved sons, one the Elite Tipperary and Tiparillo in addition to the elite mare Tilsit lll.

Attention before bidding on this stallion please note that some straws have been known to burst during thawing, please don’t bid unless your vet has experience with this.

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