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COLOR:  Cremello

HEIGHT:  17 hh, 170 cm.

FOALED:  2017

Donated by Angela Westphal



Snowy's Cristobal xx 


172 cm / 17.0 hh

Licensed in ZSAA, Czech Republic Trakehner Federation and TANA 

Donated by Angela Westphal 

2 doses of frozen expected to arrive by 14 April 2022


Snowy’s Christobal xx 

Stallion performance test 50 days focus jumping with 7,72 passed.

Currently the only thoroughbred Cremello in the world with a proper warm blood licensing and successfully passed the 50 day stallion performance test, focus on jumping and that after only 7 months from breaking in to the test with 7,72 scores!

Marks for character and willingness to perform 9.6, in jumping for manner 8,0 ability 8.0 and on the occasion of the licensing in free jumping 9.0.

This means that Cristobal's foals are eligible for registration in all warmblood associations.

He embodies the good qualities of both parents, especially the excellent riding horse points, his above average basic gaits and his very good jumping ability.

Very good basic gaits, excellent jumping ability, coupled with joy in the matter and always related to the person - these are also to a large extent the characteristics of his father in particular.

With his noble blood, his riding horse points, his basic gaits, his jumping ability and his color genetics, which guarantee a 100% lightening to the Palomino or Buckskin, he represents a breeding rarity.

Perhaps another proof of willingness to perform and toughness:

The pedigree of Snowy's Cristobal shows in 5th generations of his ancestors earned a sum in the amount of $31,225,000. 

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