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HEIGHT: 16.3

FOALED:  1987

Lisha Marshall
Broad Hill Farm
Broad Hill Run Farm, LLC


Frozen: One dose



By Seigneur out of Harfe VI by Flaneur


Foaled – November 19, 1987

Breeder - Helmut Eisner, Germany

Owner - Lisha Marshall, Harriman, TN  37748


Measurements – 16.3 hands, 21 cm cannon bone



Hennessey *E* by Signeur, Harfe VI by Flaneur


Standing at 16.3+ hands, Hennessey was a very majestic presence.  He exemplified the elegance of the Trakehner Breed. His head was chiseled and refined with a clean jawline, then following a crisp, clean throat latch, lay a long arching neck in perfect proportion to a superbly athletic frame. Straight clean legs with substantial bone completed the masterpiece of this horse. Hennessey was well conformed with an excellent neck set, masculine type and a good frame and topline.

Moreover, Hennessey's flowing gaits are the epitome of the long sought after product in the dressage/sport horse breeding world.  He exuded style with athleticism!

Hennessey is still available by frozen semen.  The only approved son of the 1986 Neumunster champion Seigneur, he is known for producing hunters including Zarr, the leading sire of hunters in 2005 and 2006.  Hennessey sired two approved sons, Rondel who evented and Zito who competed in hunters and the sire of hunters.  Hennessy stood at stud for many years as a popular breeding stallion.

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