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COLOR: Black

HEIGHT: 16.3 hh

FOALED: 2005

  Joe Pimentel  

(850) 769-8000 farm 

(850) 819-5000 cell 

Aqua Farms Sporthorses 

Available fresh cooled



E.H. Singolo comes from the premiere crop of the elite stallion Oliver Twist.   His mother is the StPr./Pr. and elite mare Shakira.  The four-time stallion dam is one of the most influential mares in the Trakehner breed.   Shakira's father is the International Grand Prix winner Biotop.   The thoroughbred, Königspark xx and the valuable Arab, Marsuk ox are in the third and fourth generation.   Even then, the particularly valuable constellation of descent in the pedigree was pointed out in the licensing protocol.  


Breed director’s comments:  “ The imposing trot dynamics of this Biotope grandson, who has a special charisma, was able to inspire the physical audience again and again.  A glamorous young stallion with generous lines and large body parts, always motivated in the matter and uphill in self-holding.   In addition, the qualities of this dressage specialist are secured in an interesting way through the extremely valuable lineage. " (Lars Gehrmann, October 2007) 


Singolo fully lives up to the valuable "pedigree constellation" that the breeding director certified for him at the licensing.  Singolo completed a very successful 30 day test as a 3year old and qualified for Bundeschampionate finals as 4year old, being 2nd  to his paternal brother Grand Passion (Siegerhengste 2007) in the Trakehner championships and was 70 dressage test winner with 127.98.  


Singolo’s progeny performance is also reflected in his breeding values.  He occupies a top position in the breeding value assessment for exterior of the Trakehner Verband with a total breeding value of 125. The breeding values of the offspring are above average (100 average) and improves in all 3 basic gaits (walk 118, trot 145, canter 132).  These remarkable successes in breeding are remarkable because Singolo has only been used in breeding to a limited extent so far.   Over the past years, Signolo was only available via frozen semen.  Singolo has always been represented with top foals at inspections and actions.  He has produced an amazing 20% premium daughters. 


He was awarded the elite title at the 55th Trakehner stallion market in 2017. 

Singolo has two licensed sons:  

  • Fairmont Hill (Pr.H 2011),  

  • Kissinger's Karma (ex Kissinger, Champion Stallion 2013 

 His grandson Tanzkonig (Fairmont Hill) became the 2020 reserve licensing champion. 

IZikade his daughter, became Bundeschampion of four-year-old riding horses with Dorothe Schneider in 2014.


Pedigree: SINGOLO| Horsetelex 

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