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COLOR:  Cremello

HEIGHT: 16.1 hh

FOALED:  1999

Kathy St. Martin

Avalon Equine

Facebook:  Goldmaker - 1999 Cremello

Thoroughbred Stallion

(720) 272-5998

Fresh cooled


Goldmaker successfully completed his 70 day Stallion Performance test on November 12th, 2011, making him the ONLY cremello Thoroughbred stallion in North America to be fully licensed and approved with a warmblood registry..

Throughout the 70 Day Stallion Test, Goldmaker proved himself to be enthusiastic and talented over fences,  demonstrating beautiful bascule and lovely form.  He received high marks for his rideability, character and temperament.  He wowed ALL of the judges at the testing - both registry inspectors and testing judges - with his exceptional cross country ability.  With a balanced, cadenced canter, a good trot, extraordinary jump and willing, forward temperament, he is a unique and colorful option for breeders.  He should make some exceptional hunter prospects as well as some talented eventers with the added bonus of the unusual coloring.

Goldmaker's unusual cremello coloring guarantees mare owners that their foals out of bay, chestnut or black mares will be buckskin, palomino or smoky blacks - a bonus to go with his exceptional conformation, temperament and athletic talent.

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