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HEIGHT:  16.2 hh

FOALED:  2014

Debra Corff

Horse of Corff Ranch

Facebook: Barbarossa-Barbie


Fresh cooled


ABOUT THIS HORSE:   Barbie is an athletic, harmonious, willing partner.  He is very respectful and has a huge heart.  Whatever he is learning he gives it his best.  He has a scopey jump, and gaits good enough to consider a career in dressage.  With a sire like Buddenbrock the sky is the limit.   Barbie is currently working on his performance requirements and is progressing nicely.  Barbie was approved Premium by the ATA and has been named Horse of the Year for High Point Stallion of 2019.   Barbie is just shy of 16.2.  Westfalen measured him at 16.2, ATA measured at 16.1+. 

Barbie's damsire Beaute:  Beauté was born in 1965 in Canada, bred by Gerda Friedrichs, Keswick, ON.  He was brought to the U.S. and approved for breeding in 1975.  In 1976 Judy Yancey, a 3-day event athlete read an article in Chronicle of the Horse about warmbloods and to Judy the idea of a warmblood for competing was exciting. She researched and decided on a Trakehner Stallion named BEAUTÉ who became her eventing and dressage partner for many years. BEAUTÉ was the first warmblood to come west of the Mississippi in the U.S.

Beauté is a grandson of TOTILAS, one of the most influential sires post war.  TOTILAS made the trek from Trakehnen to western Germany and barely escaped being “gifted” to Russia for their efforts in defeating Germany.  The comments by the Verband inspectors for TOTILAS read “Very good stallion with a strikingly racy head, lots of neck, lots of shoulders, very deep, also wide, pressure behind the withers, good ribs; short, good medium strong, correct foundation. Good gear. ”  

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