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Ivanhoe is stunning to watch and immediately impresses with his noble type and charisma. His exterior is impeccable, with harmonious lines and an expressive face. Ivanhoe's modern top line and impressive shoulders add much to his movement. He thrilled judges with an excellent interior, good performance, high rideability, and his movement dynamics under saddle. Ivanhoe truly is a prime example of a modern riding horse. His gaits are presented from a dynamic hind end and are characterized by a high degree of elasticity and uphill tendency. From the very beginning, Ivanhoe proved his high dressage disposition and has consistently belonged to the top group of every tournament. At the age of three he was immediately victorious in riding horse tests and at the age of four he was victorious in A level dressage horse tests and also the undisputed winner in qualifications and in the final of the four-year-old Trakehner stallions at the international Trakehner national tournament in Hanover. In autumn 2016 Ivanhoe became HLP reserve champion! With a final score of 8.46, he finished his 50-day test in Schlieckau as the second best of the test and was subsequently licensed for the Hanoverian Association. Ivanhoe has the highest German Equestrian Association (FN) breeding value of all Trakehner stallions (142 points) and is also among the top five percent of all stallions listed in the ranking of the FN breeding value estimation of young horse tests. Ivanhoe is considered to be of great breeding value, not least because of his excellent genetics. Ten (!) S-successful ancestors can be found in the first generations of his pedigee. As the son of the Millennium out of the full sister of Carola Koppelmann's internationally successful Grand Prix stallion Insterburg, he conveys the best genetic potential. He has a breeding index for Dressage of 142! His sire, Millennium, combines the blood of the internationally sought-after Gribaldi with the elite stallions Ravel and Consul via Easy Game-- who has since become successful at Intermediate I. Millennium was second reserve winner of the Trakehner licensing in 2010. He became the second best dressage stallion in the 30-day test and the best dressage stallion in the 70-day test where his performance received high marks. Furthermore, Millennium became Trakehner Vice-Champion of the four-year-old stallions in 2012 and qualified for the Bundeschampion in Warendorf. Dam's sire Hohenstein is one of the most important sires of the past decades. He became dressage winner of his stallion performance test in 1994 in Adelheidsdorf and later became a ten time S dressage winner. He has presented over 60 S-dressage horses, of which seven horses have accrued lifetime winnings of more than 10,000 euros, including horses Insterburg TSF, Münchhausen TSF and Sea Cloud. Born: 2012 Color: Black Height: 16.1-3/4 hands Approved: Trakehner, Hanoverian Status: Dressage, FN breeding value: 142 points WFFS Status: tested non-carrier (N/N) Website: Ivanhoe (




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Agent Carol Austin


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