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Arlington II by E.H. Ravel/ Amazone III/ Catarakt ​ Arlington II is an accomplished S level dressage stallion from an exceptional and very interesting pedigree, a son of Grand Prix and Elite stallion Ravel and from a dressage branch of the mother family of 1996 Olympic stallion Abdullah *E*. Arlington II was not only successful in dressage with scores reaching 70% in Germany but also did very well in young horse jumper classes. A stallion know for his exceptional work ethic, disposition and rideable character Arlington could always take a joke and was extremely forgiving of any rider mistakes. Comments from his 1990 Neumunster inspection are as follows: ​ A well proportioned stallion with good type, neck, shoulders and croup, his top line is compact and very harmonious. Arlington has much depth of girth and is correct in the legs, the stallion though one of the youngest in the group handled the atmosphere beautifully and always exhibiting good manners. The trot is very good, the walk and canter are good, also showing very good jumping technique. Arlington II is a wonderful stallion with exceptional proven lines who you don’t find easily. Available frozen




Agent Joe Pimentel




16.3 hh

(850) 769-8000 farm
(850) 819-5000 cell

Available frozen

Agent Joe Pimentel


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